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Subject : RS3 seasonal events are a joke.
Where you would have to supply a Base quantity of a foundation and stuff, in addition to materials for their functionalities to work level to produce the structure that those NPC's would work in OSRS gold anyways. Along with the choice to arrange them in a way which suits the players enjoying, where combat support function NPCs could be nearer to the house tele location for access. Along with other npc's may be. Obvi I'm literally just spewing ideas with little to no believing ahead, so it could be unbelievably flawed but I believe it could be a start of something to consider.

OSRS player here, building is insanely OP for us with regen pool and house tiles. Why is it useless for RS3? Quit runescoe to come back to old by the way, therefore I know nothing. OSRS and RS3 we have been given lots of the QOL fans but in OSRS they had been incorporated into structure whereas RS3 they were just added. In RS3 we already heal at banks and also have click teles into a bank. We can rest everywhere not that we ever actually run out. We have lodestones for teles that are fast around the map, akin to portal sites. Wardrobe storage could be accessed from our banks.

PVM hub is readily accessible to all players, and has Prayer/summoning reestablish crystal as well as adrenaline crystals. Book swap is a ability. We've got jewelry compactors so have little demand for things like mounted glories, Passage of the abyss can actually store 5k teleports from 6 kinds of teleportation jewellery that's great for clues. I'm a maxed iron and I could honestly say the only thing I ever use my house for is making teletabs to chip them for hints, repairing my degradable equipment for sightly cheaper and storing old pets that is do not have cosmetic over rides. Everything else there's a better choice available outside the skill.

RS3 seasonal events are a joke. They're the exact same format repeatedly and revolve around a single thing: XP (and crap makeup, and trying to encourage folks to purchase MTXs to maximise what the xp they get out of the event) the entire point of seasonal events is just to bypass really playing Runescape and grinding and only getting xp from clicking something. All of RS3 boils down to only xp. It's entertaining about it or about as a game can be, there's nothing interesting. OSRS regularly adds fun content selected by gamers.

I remember when the Arc came out on RS3, I was super excited about it before I found it was just a graphically impressive new area with more things to click for xp. And isles was a disappointment. Nevermind I saw you mentioned you joked. But what I said is true, and cheap RuneScape gold I am sure you probably agree tbh. I sincerely hope you're joking Beach makeup are as awful as Valentine's Day makeup. Enjoy, fr, a cherry outfit in a freaking medieval fantasy based game, it is supposed to be brightly colored themed with swords, armour, creatures, wizards etc, not a fucking beach party where a worrying percentage of men have female characters in bikinis with freaking rayban wayfarers on.

Posted on September, 05 2020 12:04:58 PM

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