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Subject : The difference between the OSRS and RS3 teams
Wouldn't even bother using it for altars. Make a few hidey holes, do a few quests and outside that there is not any purpose at all for the ability. No purpose is served by the ability. Requires an entire rework and RuneScape gold people will need to quit pretending like having an in-house Bank is a sport destroyer, like we do not possess 1 click infinite accessibility to several banks with the capability to come back to our prior location as instantly. Times have changed. If you want construction to be a fantastic rewarding cosmetic QoL ability to build a GOOD home with, you need banking, proper decoration screen, the present portal room need a song up.

Or it may be a world gate concept: 1 portal site with locations that are teleported added to it by charging it. Aka all of spellbook teleports available should you pay the price to charge it like it is. Training the skill with higher EXP rates outside the home the suitable way, then you construct the actual home parts after you're the ideal level. HOUSE THEMES are have to have ++++. Priffdinas, Dwarven, Holiday, All of the Gods, All the Biomes (Daemonheim, Desert, Freminik, etc). That is much more of an expansion to the walls and flooring option.

I would be 100 percent with Construction being a cash sink little to no use in Runescape. The home can do with performance. Like, we can not even put on our beds or sit in our chairs. Let us create a house and move the furniture round. If we're afforded the option at least to be free and appreciate it like a house then I think that are a happy medium. You have ta give it functionality or usage because as it stands it's a waste of money and I just leveled it for to Prif. I believe Higgs was focusing on changes that turn the homes. And something more like base camp or a Player Owned Barracks could be a fantastic alternate in order to add support.

I think that they're looking at it as a means to add performance without it being drastically different concerning training and it's influence on outside aspects of Runescape. Much like adding RP performance. Sort of like a normal residence, by making them a location to socialize/facilitate parties or something. I can sort of see where they're coming from, on account of the character of a'home' being what it is IRL, the seeming overwhelming need of the playerbase is to make the POH into more of a Player possessed foundation camp or Barracks, a place to visit make prepping for other activities faster/easier for a certain player.

Which a lot of that functionality is already readily accessed other places like Wars Retreat or Max guild. Apart from what present POH have. Which the concept of a possessed barracks/base camp/village may be something cool to entertain for a rework. A larger scale area to train structure, starting with your residence, then continuing on to a settlement for NPC's who may then turn into workers of some sort that create options for buy OSRS gold passive XP gain like POF combined with miscellania. Higher your level the different typed of buildings that are functional that your camp could possess, from a smith to substitute the armor rack, into a lender, or a mage for tele's etc..

Posted on September, 05 2020 12:03:21 PM

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