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Subject : For gamers who never played runescape prior to OSRS
Together with nearly all content that I play OSRS not present in rs2, alot of this content I participate in isn't completly nostalgic. Do these players even exist? If so, would like to hear your thoughts and RuneScape gold experiences about Runescape. What pulled you in? Thoughts on fresh content? Barriers? What keeps you coming back? Why on earth would you do this on your own?

Any insight would be G. I just started playing with the launch of mobile and graduated to runelite. Before cellphone came out I'd just known about this game for around a year, and only because the dankest memes from this sub kept showing up on my r/all. I had never heard of runescape. For reference I'm 32 so would've been an older adolescent already when rs2 was flourishing 2005-6 as I know it. The impression I get is that the majority of people here played with it in their youth preteen years and came back into it.

So I have no nostalgia for Runescape as such. I seriously only chose to play it because the memes were spicy. I continue because at its simplest I enjoy"haha amounts go vroom", but to expand on that I've finally gotten to a stage where I can begin doing some bossing and also completing goals, and I am really enjoying this. Got my qpc recently and on the mill for diaries. Having these goals keeps me going even if a few of the grinds are totally dreadful and were probably obsolete gameplay even back on rs2 (badly, mage training arena, what the fuck is this garbage?).

I generally am pleased with updates. Possessing no nostalgia related to Runescape and no experience with the EOC update or eliminating free commerce and wildy pking and all the other contentious changes that drove the previous players away, I find that many times I am in debate with a large majority of folks here with respect to proposed content and upgrades. I am all for new abilities and modernizing Runescape, but I understand why the people with nostalgia for this want to keep it"oldschool". Im also open minded to skills from RS3 like dungeoneering and summoning that I never experienced but seem imo that was pretty awesome. Which again, is in resistance to the majority of people here who seem to despise them.

As it is Runescape is tedious and I feel as if you need to buy RS gold be a particular kind of person to actually enjoy it. I inform my friends to not attempt it cause they hate it. Hey inquire if there is anything else you wan t know in my standpoint, although I du n, kind of a wander. I have gathered that it's not too common.

Posted on September, 05 2020 12:02:32 PM

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