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At face value, there’s nothing unusual about Paul
Dutra’s taste in motorcycling. He owns a
heavyweight tourer—a Gold Wing, natch—and he
likes to make a big trip every year. But Dutra’s Gold
Wing is not a 900 lb road sofa with a sound system,
sat-nav and heated seats. El Guapo (“The Handsome One”) is a rusty, stripped-down custom
with hand-beaten bodywork and not a pannier in
sight. Dutra’s bike is a 1975 GL1000, with a flat-four 999
cc motor. It had been faithful to its former owner for
35 years, and although it was time to move the bike
on, the original owner didn’t want to see it scrapped.
He wanted it to go to someone who could
completely transform the machine, giving it a new and unexpected lease of life. That person ended up
being Paul Dutra of Back Alley Motorcycles in Ontario, Canada. When Dutra arrived to collect the Gold Wing, it was
sporting a Vetter fairing and a full set of Krauser
luggage. “It was all decked out with fog lights and
extra brake lights,” Dutra recalls. “He had taken very
good care of the bike, and had spare oil filters and
plugs. He even gave me a period-correct Honda sync gauge in its original box. I managed to take the
bags and fairing off, then lowered the forks through
the trees and stuffed it all into a very short Dodge

Posted on December, 02 2011 11:20:30 AM


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.. no pictures .. ??

Posted on December, 02 2011 11:24:49 AM

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