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The Karla Caves or Karle Caves are a complex of ancient Indian Buddhist rock-cut cave shrines developed over two periods – from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD, and from the 5th century to the 10th century. The oldest of the cave shrines is believed to date back to 160 BC. Located in Karli near Lonavala, Maharashtra, the caves lie near a major ancient trade route, running eastward from the Arabian Sea into the Deccan. Karli's location in Maharashtra places it in a region that marks the division between North India and South India. Buddhists, having become identified with commerce and manufacturing through their early association with traders, tended to locate their monastic establishments in natural geographic formations close to major trade routes so as to provide lodging houses for travelling traders.

The caves were historically associated with the Mahasamghika  sect of Buddhism, which had great popularity in this region of India, as well as wealthy patronage. The caves house a Buddhist Monastery dating back to the 2nd century BC. The monastery was once home to two 15-meter grand pillars. Now only one of these remains, and the remaining space is occupied by a temple dedicated to the goddess Ekaveera, dating back to the 2nd century BC. The monastery was once home to two 15-meter grand pillars. Now only one of these remains, and the remaining space is occupied by a temple dedicated to the goddess Koli community of Mumbai.

The caves at Karla are believed to be some of thousands of similar caves excavated in theSahyadri Hills in the early .

Bhaja Caves are a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to 200 BC located at Karli, near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The location of Bhaja caves is not far from location of Karla Caves and these are stylistically similar to the Karla Caves.

Lohagad has a long history with several dynasties occupying it at different periods of time:Satvahanas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Yadavas, Bahamanis, Nizamshahis, Mughals and Marathas.Shivaji captured it in 1648 CE, but he was forced to surrender it to the Mughalsin 1665 CE by the Treay of Purandar. Shivaji recaptured the fort in 1670 CE and used it for keeping his treasury.

From Mumbai You can take a train to Lonavala. Malwali is the next station after Lonavala towards Pune. A number of local trains are available between Lonavala and Pune. The Fort is Just 9 Kms away from the railway station. Vehicles can go up to the foot of the hill. From here, which is near a village called Lohgaon, there are steps to the fort, numbering approximately 500. It is a simple and easy trek and the distance from Malawli station to Bhaje gaav takes about 20 min. Distance between Malavli and Lohagadwadi can be covered in around 2-2.5 hrs.

If starting from Pune take old Mumbai Pune highway. Just after you cross toll plaza before lonavala, keep your left till you cross “Manshakti” There is a Y type left turn just after “Manshakti” Take that left and drive for another 200 odd meter to take very first left again You are on way to lohgad after crossing the place called “Bhangarwadi” from where it is just 8–10 km. If you come across a railway crossing and Mumbai-Pune highway twice you are on right track. You are on way to Paud, continue till you reach “Dudhiware Khind” Just before it, take left for Lohgad from here it is around 4 km max. The road ahead is very steep with couple of sharp turns but safe.

For people traveling from Pune city, the route is via Chandani chowk – Pirangut - Paud After reaching Paud take right and drive for around 40 odd km. Just after you cross “Dudhiware Khind” you reach to the same place Take right for Lohgad base.

Reaching Malavali

From Pune to Malavali (68.5 km)

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From Mumbai to Malavali (97.7 km)

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From Daman to Malavali (251 km)

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