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Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is located amid the city of Porbandar flaunting the co-existence of man and nature. Spread over an area of 1 square kilometer this unique water dwelling, surrounded by trees and plants was affirmed as a sanctuary in the year 1988.
The splendorous beauty of the place though not reflecting any emergent vegetation is enriched by the migratory birds visiting this area every year. The multihued, textured feathered creatures with their harmonious twitters and chirrups identify this area as a popular destination for ornithologists. Varied species of birds in all shapes and sizes fly in every year enlivening the area with varied colors; patterns and making this zone a home and their nesting ground. Water birds are often seen splashing in the freshwater lake while the sky touching flights of certain birds bedecks the firmament.
Flamingos, Grebes, Pelicans, Ducks and geese, Avocets, Coots, Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, Bittern, Storks, Ibis, Spoonbill, Cranes, Whistling Teals, Gulls, Terns, Jacanas, Ruff, Red shanks, Indian roller and many other varieties of winged creatures are seen in this area.

Visit the locale in winters when millions of birds reside in this locale making it the most picturesque shelter for bird lovers and the birds. Spend an entire day away from the hustle-bustle of the city and daily life enjoying as the nature creation visit their seasonal homes. It is easy to catch a close glimpse of the birds residing and nesting in this area. 
Being a responsible nature lover is our way of showing reverence to Mother Earth, a few tips for you to remember-

  • No flash or intrusive photography (for example, don’t pluck leaves to clear a better view; reposition the camera instead.)
  • Do not carry any music system or sound making device along with you.
  • Picking plants or insects is prohibited; do not remove anything from the park.
  • No quick or sudden movements to scare off the birds.
  • Do not try going to close to the birds.
  • No pets should accompany you.
  • No littering. Trash is only to be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  • No hunting devices or other weapons should be carried, as well as used.


Reaching Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

From Rajkot, Gujarat to Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat (196 km)

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From Radhanpur, Rajasthan to Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat (446 Km)

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From Vadodara, Gujarat to Rajasthan to Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat (451 Km)

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Porbandar Bird Sanctuary Images


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